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Collection of dummy rounds / snap caps / fake bullets for all eight standard modern military calibers.

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This is a collection of dummy rounds / snap caps / fake bullets of all the standard rifle and pistol calibers of the two major modern country groups, West (NATO) and East (communist / & former communist) nations.

These cartridges have been used against and/or with each other in just about every conflict since the 1970’s, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Panama, Falkland, Desert Storm, Iraq, Global War on Terror, etc.  The delineation between East and West is more for organizational purposed.  All of these calibers have been mixed and matches by various forces and nations.  A country may use the 5.56 NATO, but also the 9mm Makarov.  With this set you get all of them.

Available with or without holes drilled in the cases.  Set includes one of each of these eight calibers.


9×19 Parabellum (9mm Luger)

5.56 NATO (5.56×45 / .223 Remington)

7.62 NATO (7.62×51 / .308 Winchester)

.50 BMG (12.7×99)


Eastern Block

9×18 Makarov (9mm Mak)




The Best Tool for Firearms Training, Safely Function Checking, and Historically Accurate!

  • SAME WEIGHT and FEEL as live rounds***, but completely INERT. J&M Spec Snap Caps are made from real brass cartridge cases and real bullets, just no powder or primer.
  • Historical Accuracy – We go to great lengths to ensure all of our vintage and historical cartridges are period correct and still function flawlessly.  There’s no reason to do something unless you do it right, and make it look good too!
  • We stand behind our products – 100% Satisfaction Guaranty! Our training rounds are designed to withstand thousands of dry-fires.  If there is ever an issue, we will make it right.
  • Practice and train SAFELY – We use our products too for training classes and personal use.  You can’t beat the muscle memory gained by dry-firing and clearing jams.
  • Customizable to fit your needs – Whether you are function checking or reenacting, we have the configuration you need for dummy ammunition.  We offer a selection of options including spent primers, orange rubber primers, rattling cartridges, all black cases, and more!
  • Industry leading quality and customer service – Please call or email us if you ever have problem or question about one of our products.
  • Our products go by many names: dummy rounds, snap caps, fake bullets, inert ammunition, inert ammo, dummy ammunition, dummy ammo, etc. All mean the same thing, cartridges that don’t go bang!

*** Non-clear plastic hulled shotgun shells are lighter than live rounds in order to distinguish them from live rounds. For weighted shotgun shells, purchase ones with “INERT” or components showing options.***

Proudly Made in Alabama, USA!

At J&M Spec (, we offer the highest quality and largest selection of Dummy Rounds / Inert Rounds / Training Rounds in the world.  With hundreds of thousands of snap caps sold in many hundred different calibers and gauges, no one beats J&M Spec in reliability, value, and shear number of cartridge types available!

Our Snap Caps are used for reenacting, film props, dry-fire training, tactical training by military and police, function testing by large firearms manufacturers, displays, and many others!  Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your dummy round / training round needs!

All of our dummy rounds are INERT and not capable of being made into live ammunition. We are not responsible for any damage to firearms from misuse or otherwise. It is your responsibility to keep these rounds separate and distinguished from live rounds and we take no responsibility for personal injury or property damage that occurs by the user.

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We also offer BLANKS for Films and Reenacting at J&M Spec.

J&M Spec Blanks .45 ACP
J&M Spec Blanks .45 ACP

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Dummy Rounds

Dummy Rounds

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