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Dummy Rounds, Snap Caps, and Fake Bullets for Sale Online

Over 450,000 snap caps / dummy rounds / training rounds sold in 330+ calibers and gauges! Real Brass, Real Bullets – NO BANG. Get the longest lasting snap caps with the most accurate weight and feel.

Where you get no ‘bang’ for your buck!

WWII Complete Cartridge Collection Dummy Rounds Snap Caps Fake Bullets
WWII Cartridge Collection

Why buy our products?

Our training rounds are the most realistic in the world and have the correct weight and feel of live rounds, making them the perfect SAFE substitute. Make the most of your time at home by dry-firing, learning the proper function of your firearms, and the muscle memory for clearing a jam. Before spending that “liquid gold” going to the range, make sure your firearms are going to perform properly. Even a change in magazines could make a day at the range a waste of time.

Don’t risk safety, function checking with live rounds! At the range, the best way to train for a tactical situation is the old “ball and dummy drill”. Load a magazine with your normal ammunition, but slip in a few training rounds too, forcing yourself to clear a jam and learning the invaluable skill of getting back into action without stopping to think about it! These are just a few of the reasons you NEED our dummy rounds or “fake bullets”.

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Leading the World in Dummy Rounds & Snap Caps!

We manufacture more calibers of snap caps / dummy rounds than any other company in the World. All of our 330+ calibers and gauges of dummy rounds / snap caps are completely INERT and can be shipped anywhere in the United States*. They are perfect for function checking, dry-fire training, reenacting, film props, displays, etc.

J&M Spec. is a group of veterans, reenactors, and competitive marksmen dedicated to making the finest, most realistic INERT display or “dummy” ammunition available. Also known as snap caps or fake ammo, our products are prefect for safely function checking a firearm, for film props, reenactors, or displays. We specialize in military cartridges of the 19th & 20th century, as well as Western / Cowboy calibers. All of our dummy ammo is made using REAL cartridge cases and REAL bullets, giving them the most realistic weight and feel, but NO powder or live primers.

Lifetime Guaranty

Our dummy rounds / snap caps are designed to last. Don’t settle for those plastic imitations, get the snap caps that hold up! Our metallic inert cartridges can be used over and over again. Function check with confidence!

Our Products

We offer dummy ammo for more than 330 different calibers and gauges. Our inert cartridges are used for a wide variety of purposes including reenacting, museum quality displays, gunsmithing, and even props in the film industry. Don’t risk the safety of your display, use our realistic “fake bullets” for all your firearms displays or training.

We have categorized our calibers and gauges in multiple ways to assist you in finding what you are looking for. Most calibers are listed in more than one category. Don’t hesitate to use the search function!

  • Rifle Calibers, Pistol Calibers, Shotgun Gauges – subdivided if there are multiple options for a specific caliber or gauge.
  • Calibers by Conflict – search through all available calibers for a specific war.
  • Calibers by Country – look for the cartridges you want by the nation that made and/or used them.
  • Commercial calibers – those designed for and used in modern, commercially available firearms, and not used by any nation’s military.
  • Western Cartridges – For all the Cowboys out there. The perfect addition to your “Wild West” collection.

Cartridge Configurations

We offer all of our cartridges in multiple configurations to suit the needs of our customers. Configuration options include orange rubber primers, empty primer pockets, spent (non-firing) primers, and holes drilled in the cases. We also offer the options of installing BB’s to each case to make them rattle, as well as making the cartridges completely black (metallic cases only). Check out our video below and this page for more details and pictures of each option.

Looking for Blanks? We’ve got you covered!

We can make blanks for pretty much any caliber or gauge we make dummy rounds for.

See our current selection HERE.

We offer them in loads for both reenactors and film companies (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, full, etc).

In addition, we also now offer machine guns for film sets, living history events, and ranges. This includes our on site support, blanks, and inert cartridges made specially for historical accuracy and realistic looks.

Check out our other site for more about our Blanks and Machine Guns!

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To reiterate, all of our products are inert, and known by many names such as snap caps, fake ammo, fake ammunition, fake bullets, dummy rounds, dummy cartridges, inert ammo, etc. Please note that as our slogan states, you get “absolutely no “bang” for your buck”. Our snap caps are the perfect solution for your gunsmith function checking, reenacting, film making, or display needs!

*Shipping of belted or clipped dummy rounds restricted in states with “high capacity” magazine bans.