Cartridge Options & Configurations

We offer all of our calibers and gauges of dummy rounds / snap caps with different configuration options. Below is a break-down of what they are and their intended uses.

Configuration Options

Empty Primer Pockets J&M Spec. LLC Dummy Rounds Snap Caps Fake Bullets

Empty Primer Pockets– This option is the most basic form of any new brass. There is an empty space where the primer (round piece in the center at the bottom of the case) would be. This option aids in identifying these as inert and is fine for most displays, reenactors, or dry-firing, though we have had trouble with them cycling in some Glock pistols after releasing the striker.

Orange Rubber Primer

Rubber Inserts – This is the most popular option for gunsmiths and those doing dry-fire training and function checking. The orange rubber insert replaces the primer and enables the user to see firing pin engagement as well as aiding in identification as inert. It also gives comfort to those who believe in “cushioning the blow” to the firing pin while dry-firing.

Spent Primers J&M Spec. LLC Fake Bullets Snap Caps Dummy Rounds

Spent Primers In – This is the best option for film props, reenactors, and displays where the most realistic looking cartridges are required. A spent (fired) primer is inserted into the cartridge case so that the only difference in appearance between it and a live round is the indention in the primer caused by the firing pin. These are the most realistic looking dummy rounds available!

Hole Drilled J&M Spec. LLC Snap Caps Dummy Rounds Fake Bullets

Holes Drilled (& Empty Primer Pockets or Rubber Inserts) – For this option, we drill a single hole in each cartridge case. This is a further aid in identifying the cartridges as dummy rounds

Rattle Option

We offer all of our cartridges with ball-bearings (BB’s) installed giving them a rattling sound when shaken. This is the standard for films and a great added safety for gunsmiths and function checkers.

Darken Cartridges

For an even easier way to keep your dummy rounds separate from your live ammo. All of our metallic cased cartridges are now available with darkened brass along with any of the other configuration options.