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Here is what our customers have to say about the products they’ve purchased from us. We appreciate your business. Our goal is to make the best, most reliable dummy rounds / snap caps / fake bullets on the market, and in the largest selection!

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  1. Very good products and unlike other suppliers you have a huge assortment of calibers, the common ones and even the obsoleted ones like the 284 Winchester and the hard to find 32 S&W Long. You can shop for all at one site without having to spend time searching.

  2. Excellent communication, and fast shipping, especially for such a rare and obsolete caliber. I’m impressed!

  3. In addition to punching out the spent primers, my previous supplier drilled a small hole in the side of each casing, making the dummy round easier to identify. Otherwise, the J&M product is excellent.

  4. The snap caps are great. Now I can work the actions before firing to assure that there are no mechanical problems.

  5. Very easy to navigate and company is dedicated to giving a great customer experience.

  6. Mike and the team answered my questions and processed my orders in record time. They only have the customers order in mind. They made me feel like my order was the most important order to process. I will continually use them for my snapcap orders and shortly I will be ordering my brass from them. WAY TO GO MIKE!

  7. Fast service and I love these for practice and familiarization. Now it I could just find some live rounds…

  8. I was very pleased quick response and fast delivery, and here I am filling out a survey thinking I would like to order some 45 compact caps are but I’m not positive what to order and I also need 22 magnum

  9. Very pleased with the .50 cal M2 Browning 100 round WWII dummy rounds……..couldnt ask for anything better.

  10. Ordered items online from J&M Spec., quick delivery, well packaged, very satisfied with their service.

  11. These are all well made inert cartridges. I was worried about the bullet being pushed back into the casing mouth after several cycling’s, but the bullets aren’t budging after dozens of dry firing. And the rubber disc in the primer pocket is holding very well. (And that’s the only way to distinguish these from live rounds) I’m EXTREMELY impressed by these!

  12. Very satisfied . Excellent product , nicely finished and all fit and function tests were satisfactory. drilled holes and rubber filled primer pockets were in all casings even though the specs did not offer that feature. A pleasant surprise. I like to see 10mm .

  13. My second purchase…You did great ! Reasonable prices and quick delivery. See you again !

  14. Thank you so much for mailing what I ordered so fast! Your website did an excellent job of explaining my choices. Go m1 garand!

  15. GREAT snap caps! And at a fair price. The rubber primers look like they will hold up BETTER than I had anticipated! Accurate description; GREAT quality and FAST shipment – Thanks!

  16. Your order was initially delivered short one of the WWII collection packs, I notified you the day of delivery and you quickly apologized and responded by sending me the missing WWII pack. Thank you for that quick response.

  17. My experience was great. I ordered then changed my mind. Reordered and contacted seller. Great customer service and refund went smoothly. Will order again and would recommend. ?????

  18. My 7.62x38r dummy rounds for my Nagant Revolver arrived right on time as promised. The rubber primers will definitely come in handy why dry firing. I’d definitely recommend J&M Spec to a friend!

  19. I was very pleased with the dummy rounds. I’ve also purchased other centerfire calibers and shotgun dummy rounds with which I’m equally satisfied.

  20. Delivery was great. Website was easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. Did not contact customer service.

  21. Great Customer Service! Mike was very helpful! Would highly recommend purchasing from this business and would most definitely purchase from this business again in the future.

  22. Package arrived on time and well packed. The dummy round cycle correctly in my type 14. ?

  23. Great for safely practicing/demonstrating operation of the M95 Mannlicher, looking to add more for other old milsurps.

  24. What’s to say, I got a large order of many calibers because I put together a heck of a replica collection and I wanted it perfect! You guys are 4.0 in anybodies book. BRAVO!!! The 20mm took me back to 70’s working on the M61A1 in the NAVY! Sweet. I will order more!

  25. Received my 577-450 for my Martini Henry rifle today and they are fantastic ! I placed an order for 38/200 s&w bullets for my Enfield mk2 revolver. Now all I need is 41 rimfire for my Remington derringer hint, hint…..

  26. Very excited to have received – very quickly – the 8X50R Lebel rounds recently ordered. Even more excited to have discovered your website! Thank you!

  27. Received the 20mm rounds and 5.56 belts… super fast shipping, great prices… very happy with the service!

  28. I have their Vietnam, Korean War, US, WWI, WWII and West collections. The shipping has been excellent each time and the quality of the rounds is great.

  29. I ordered an Enbloc 30-06 (8 round clip) to cycle test my M1, from Amazon. Received it as described, and couldn’t be more pleased. Works perfectly!
    Thanks for enclosing a card with your email address, I’ve already added it to my favorite list.

  30. Bought a pack of inert 12 Gauge 2 3/4 “ shells. Exactly what I needed to cycle through my shotgun. The plastic snap caps from other companies will not cycle. I am going to order more from you guys. I also love the Super Fast Delivery from my first order. You Southern Boys are okay in my book, no matter what most Californians say about you guys.

  31. I am very pleased with your product. I purchased 8 mm Mauser ammo to practice with a rifle that I just bought before heading to the shooting range. Thanks, God bless you and keep the good work!! Marck…

  32. Bought a set of .458 SOCOM dummies for function testing a build. Great product! And you’re absolutely right, you shouldn’t have live rounds around these in your work area….They’re virtually indistinguishable. Just ordered a set of 350 Legend. Keep up the great work, guys.

  33. I purchased 8x53R and 7.7×58 Japanese dummy rounds from JM off GB. These things are great! I especially like that they offer the oddball calibers. It allows me to have something to cycle the actions with on all of my oddballs. I will be back for more, for sure. Thanks Mike!

  34. I ordered a 50rnd belt and 5rnds loose of 8mm Mauser the other days via the eBay store and got it today. I have to say I am extremely happy with them. I placed the loose rounds on a stripper clip and they load perfectly into my rifle. The business card was in the box and I had to come check you guys out. I already ordered more dummy rounds and chances are I’ll get more in the future. Really glad I found you guys!!

  35. Thanks for the Mosin-Nagant 7.62 dummies I found on Amazon. Great look and feel All the best from Taos

  36. Received my 7.7 Arisaka dummies today. Just wanted to let yall know they are awesome. I have been reluctant to buy live rounds due to cost. I really wanted to cycle the action and now I can do that safely. They work great! Oh I found them on Amazon and the business card was in the pack so I had to look yall up. Have a blessed day and I may purchase some other dummies in the near future.

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