Is it a Dummy Round or a Snap Cap?

Here at the simple answer is “Yes”. The terms dummy rounds, snap caps, fake bullets, inert cartridges – all of these terms are used interchangeably to mean the same thing, an inert cartridge designed for safely function checking and dry-firing a firearm.

All dummy rounds / snap caps have the same dimensions as the live ammunition for a particular caliber; however, they are not all alike. Many are made of inferior materials such as plastic and aluminum, which do not hold up to repeated use. Chambering and extracting take their toll on such cartridges, and the difference in weight can lead to jams.

Our “Fake Bullets” are made using real brass and real bullets to provide you with the most realistic and longest lasting dummy rounds / snap caps available!

Although the majority of centerfire firearms do not require the use of dummy rounds or snap caps, many people prefer using them while dry-firing to add the additional muscle memory of cycling a cartridge to their training program.

They are also a must for safely function checking! Anytime a change is made to a firearm, function checking with inert cartridges before returning to the range will save you time and money.

Their uses include:

  • Function Checking
  • Dry-fire Training
  • “Ball and Dummy” Drills – loading an inert cartridge into a magazine of live rounds to force clearing a jam and to check for flinching.
  • Trigger Control Training
  • Film Props – Our dummy rounds / snap caps have been used in multiple movies and shows to include Paramount’s Yellowstone prequel “1923” and the western “The Old Way” with Nichols Cage.
  • Reenacting
  • Displays – Used by museums and individuals alike, due to our inert cartridges’ realistic look and feel