Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas gift ideas for the military history buff or shooter in you life. All made with premium, all metal, dummy rounds or “snap caps”. These gift ideas are sure to be a “hit” for even the guy who has everything!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornament

Your favorite caliber now made into an ornament for your tree. Made with one of our all metal dummy rounds. These have a hole drilled all the way through the case and a waxed string attached for placing on your tree.

Great for your “man-cave” Christmas tree or even on the one in your living room (if the wife allows).

Cartridge Collections

WWII Complete Cartridge Collection

If getting just one caliber a time is just not enough, we offer collections of cartridges from many major conflicts including World War Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm / Modern Day!


Korean War

Vietnam War

Desert Storm

Please let us know if you have any custom creation ideas. We are always open to trying new things!

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